Do you have enough set aside to last through your retirement years, regardless of how long you live?

What if we have 6% inflation for each of the first five years of your retirement? Will your savings and investments keep up?

If we have deflation for the next 10 years, will you be able to recover your investment values before you retire?

Do you have a Wealth Preservation Plan that allows you to succeed regardless of which occurs — inflation or deflation?

If not, contact me for a confidential evaluation of your resources, how they are funded, and how long they will last — using several scenarios. If it’s right for you, we can discuss options that will give you an income for the rest of your life — GUARANTEED. If that option isn’t available for you, other options may be, and you’ll learn what they are.

Use the contact form to get started. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Act now to ensure your retirement is comfortable.

Oh, and did you know we are living longer as a society? In fact, my great-aunt Grace lived 109 years, so I am planning for a long life and can help you plan, too. Contact me for assistance with either retirement income or long term care. I can help.